City Gates Marker

Why is AARCHER spelled with two A's?

Aarcher was founded in 1997 in the historic district of Annapolis, Maryland, our state capital and colonial-era seaport, seat of the Confederation Congress (Second Continental Congress),  temporary national capital of the United States, home to St. John's College (est. 1696) and the US Naval Academy (est. 1945),  and the town where George Washington resigned his commission and where Alex Haley's character Kunte Kinte arrived in America.

From 1698-1790, this provincial capital was enclosed by a wooden fence to keep out "wandering cattle and 'men of ill fame." The gate to the city was located approximately 50 yards from our headquarters offices, and all roads leading to the city were marked "AA" to guide travelers to the gate.

Like those sign posts from centuries ago, Aarcher helps clients manage risk and navigate a path to environmental compliance.